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Tweaker chat room

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But even the DC ones haven't aged that well over the years, and I stick to the foom that Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles were the essentials and have yet to be bested. However, one thing that really bothers me is the fan community. Most of them tend to be really weird and creepy individuals from my past experience communicating with them.


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Since that time our data collector regularly connects IRC network Tweakers to determine its key performance indicators, such as its of users and its of chat rooms IRC channels. I wouldn't worry on it too much. Gogogadget Sonic fans are known from time to time to get a bit It's twea,er how SonicRetro has a historical chronicle on their wiki of the Sonic hacking community.

I remember working at a game store, plenty of adults coming into the store looking for something to buy for themselves or their kids, recommending Sonic Generations on the roim then having them be like "Oh I remember Sonic, there's still games coming out eh? - tumbex

Tweaker was the biggest asshole ever. Good riddance. I thought his portrayal in Sonic Colors was better because it went back to the humorous tone. They exist everywhere. In all honesty, take it with a grain of salt, roim believe everything you read or hear of. - tumbex

ChibistevenPM I remember Pachuka was jailed for grabbing some girl's boobies and 'attempted rape' though he says only the first part is true and the rest is greatly exaggerated. He might of been drunk at the time when it happened. I agree with this, but having been in a few different fandoms or whathave you over the past couple of years, I've found that certain ones have a higher concentration. This was all ruined with the debut of the Sonic Adventure series, particularly the second where it began taking itself too seriously.

JeckidyPM I agree with you, but I think there is somewhat more tendency in the community because of its furry connections.

I felt bad at first about making assumptions in my mind about why he'd have so many avatars of just tweaier little boys from Dragon Ball, but of course it ends up being true. Remind me how shitty he was. ChibistevenPM I knew Tweaker was facing legal issues, I didnt know he was a pedophile though, yikes.

Even back when Sonic Room was brand new, there was something off about it. GeckoYamoriAM I don't know what it is with the Sonic community and child molestation. But again, my theory on this was stated earlier.

Tweakers - chat rooms

Girls are mean sometimes and will try to tweakfr things against guys they don't like, especially if they fuck up bad or do something very stupid. I read that it was coded by GerbilSoft who goes back in the scene a long way. They really did contribute a lot of info on Sonic's development history and ROM chaf but there is definately more to why this stuff is going on in their community in particular versus other game hacking communities. There's more than one occurence.

I remember speaking to him on AIM years ago and he was generally a nice guy, but he was too closely associated with the Sonic hacking community to shun the possibility that he ed the 'dark side', so to speak. Just that bad. Most of them tend to be really weird and creepy individuals from my past experience communicating twesker them.

When he puts on a fur suit, it's ironic. I feel exactly the same way. GogogadgetPM I knew Tweaker was facing legal issues, I didnt know he was a pedophile though, yikes.

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The wiki is not about that kind of attention. To be honest you see this crap just about anywhere. IDK, hallow? He liked graves a lot. I also never saw so much black hat hacking from any gaming community except them, either. cht

They're still alive and kicking actually. The guy will never enjoy a normal life again for sure. I'm not saying it's a bad series, but I've always kind of just preferred Mario Also the Sonic community is just as bad the one for MLP, if not worse.

Tweaker talk motel room masterbation part 4

FlygonAM :blah: something cbat all Pokemon fans should go fuck themselves something something. I did some trolling back then but I never saw so much drama among a gaming community as I did theirs. It begs the question, contribute back to the community or be all about the glory and attention. It wouldn't surprise me if he was compensating for his problems with his short fuse.

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