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I was a political suspect, and therefore I frde full well that to attempt to communicate with anyone outside was quite impossible. Its very name, dreaded by every Russian, recurred to me as I recollected Kouropatkine's ificant words. Had he not threatened that, if I revealed one single word of the secret doings of the holy Starets, my tongue would be cut out within those grim dark walls of that prison of mystery?


The minister of evil

All these declarations cost human lives…. Revolutionary soldiers had cut the railway line, to prevent troops being sent against the capital. Of the latter, Rasputin had, of course, no suspicion. Upon my table lay a letter which had, I was told, arrived for me that morning.

Ten days that shook the world/appendices - wikisource, the free online library

I saw two civilians walking together along the drive, which led into a wood. Humanity is not in the vocabulary of our police of Russia when dealing with political suspects, so many of whom are entirely innocent persons who have proved themselves obnoxious to the corrupt bureaucracy. She stood before him, using her small black fan slowly, for the room was overpoweringly hot, and began to chat, assuring him that she had for a long time been desirous of meeting him.

Recently Kuhlman said that a personal declaration bound only him who made it…. The right of most favoured nation must be given to all countries without distinction. And yet already he had become the most renowned man in the Russian capital!

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Suddenly she said: "Ah! My object here is to expose the most subtle and ingenious plot which the world has known—the Teutonic conspiracy against our Russian Empire.

In that strange jumble of quotations from the Scriptures which he so often used, he declared to her that by Divine command he intended to guide Russia in her forthcoming progress and prosperity, so that she should rise to become the all-powerful nation of Europe. Either they will give us… a second edition of the events of Julyor they will have to admit that with their plans and intentions, with their impertinent policy of wishing to separate themselves from everything consciously national, they have been definitely defeated….

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The Allies must bind themselves not to begin any peace negotiations, nor to conclude peace, except in a general Peace Conference with the participation of delegates from all the neutral countries. The confiscation of such machinery or live-stock shall not apply to the small properties of peasants.

In that great well-lit saloon, crowded by religious personages of all kinds, the old Dowager Countess Ignatieff, in stiff black silk, came forward to receive the popular Starets as the newest star in Russia's religious firmament. Compensation for damages from an international fund.

The Fifth Army, however, was wild with enthusiasm over the news of the Bolshevik success, and the Army Committee was unable to promise Kerensky any support. With it Rasputin had but little to do.

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Not a gravel stone was out of place. Because the masses of the people are economically exhausted,—and because they are disillusioned with the Allies!

All, of from the smallest to the greatest, must redouble their efforts, must endeavour to arrange things properly…. So here you are back with us! But it is all a mistake, my dear Rajevski—all a mistake, and you must overlook it. No hired labour is permitted.

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The statement of the Socialist Revolutionary paper Narod, and of members of the City Duma, to the effect that precious objects to the value of , rubles had been stolen, was, however, a gross exaggeration. When we backed out of the Empress's presence the peasant Ivan, who had introduced us, handed us over to the Tsar's chief valet, an elderly grey-bearded man in the Imperial livery, a man whose name we understood was Tchernoff, and who had been valet of the old Emperor Alexander III.

The first we may attribute to the lowering of political interest in the masses; the second, to the growing effort of provincial and local governing bodies to organise the building srx new Russia….

A deputation was sent to the rebels; the deputation returned several hours later, convinced of the futility of the negotiations. It was surely a picturesque guard of honour, chag their quaint, old-fashioned pointed headgear, their smart comic-opera tunics, and their long, shiny boots. Though he possessed no education and could scarcely trace his own name, he possessed the most acute brain of any lawyer or banker in Petrograd. You must strengthen its authority.

The project gutenberg ebook of the minister of evil, by william le queux.

I had acted honestly towards my scoundrelly employers—though, be it said, my object was one of patriotic observation—yet they had allowed me to become the victim of the secret police who would, no doubt, obtain great kudos, and probably a liberal douceur, for having unearthed "a desperate plot against Her Majesty the Empress!

Escorted by two agents of police, I was taken out into the dazzling light of day back to Petrograd, and to the Ministry of the Interior, where in a private room—one that was in a wing of the great building familiar to me—I was left alone.

One fact was patent. The whole truth is that the bourgeoisie, which directs the policies of the Chst Government, has for its aim to break the Constituent Assembly.

If the Kornilovtsi make an attempt, we would show them our strength. The impending transformation of industry from a war to a peace basis, and the redistribution of labour all over xhat country, as well as among the different factories, can be accomplished without great disturbances only by means of the democratic self-government of the workers themselves…. They were agents of the secret police patrolling the grounds, for every precaution was being taken to guard the persons of Their Majesties.

In the meanwhile behind the back of the Democratic Conference, by trickery, by deals between Citizen Kerensky, the Cadets, and the leaders of the Menshevik and Socialist Revolutionary parties, we received the opposite result from the officially announced purpose.

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