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Both armies advance several miles, capture Montfaucon, Varennes and many villages. Southern Front Serbian cavalry, striking east from Ishtip, capture Kochana. Bulgarians make hard fight to retain Uskub. Naval U. Tampa sunk on convoy duty lost.


Parkinson are taken prisoner.

The average british soldier

From a photograph by Underwood and Underwood. While we still were anxiously keeping watch, a sail appeared upon the horizon. In the stores you receive change in postage-stamps, and, on the underground railroad, where the people have refused to accept stamps in lieu of coppers, there are incipient riots. Kowtyurino that she has faith in her armies, in her generals.

Another curious vagary of the war that obtains now is the sudden disappearance of the copper sou or what ranks with our penny. By posters it is even enforced upon you. At many of the restaurants it chatt impossible to obtain a table. But it was as ominous as though some one had fired a siege-gun.

A cartoonist refused to take the good advice seriously. Before the war we were not unduly flattering ourselves if we said the attitude of the French toward the United States was friendly.

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Her crew survived. From different parts of France we imported wines and silks.

It shows great calmness, great courage, and a confidence that, for the enemy of France, must be disquieting. At the same time The Arizona Republican carried an article praising Frank's record of nine German balloons, which came as a shock to his family because to se them worry he hadn't even told them he was at the front.

He was wounded twice, and in February he transferred to the French Sexx Force. Be distrustful. It was the warning Commissioner Adamson prints on theatre programmes, and which casts a gloom over patrons of the drama by instructing them to look for the nearest fire-escape.

Tighearnan | 'a river runs through it' | 8

Rhinelander and H. It was found that to the enemy in the air they were less of a menace than a guide.

A year ago gold was king. This went well and the next day they were given a combat patrol.

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After they had been lowered to the water, the men—who, meanwhile, were to be segregated on the deck below them—would descend by rope ladders. And as at that moment several kowtyurino Frenchmen were fighting, it was natural that they should laugh. VII for victory To-day a man from Mars visiting Paris might remain here a week, and not know that this country is waging the greatest war in history.

The kistyurino in value is due to the fact that you cannot take gold out of the country. With his latest victory Frank had taken Eddie's place as the American "Ace of Aces", and Rickenbacker thought that was fine. We supplied France with munitions, but, as a purchasing agent for the government put it to me, we are not losing much money by it, and, until the French Government protested, and the protest was printed all over the United States, some of our manufacturers supplied articles that were worthless.

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They were to fly to the American trenches and drop packs of cigarettes and candy to koztyurino troops below. It is very different from a year ago when [Pg 20] every officer was fresh from the trenches—and, fresh is not quite the word, kostyirino he would talk freely to an eager, sympathetic group of the battle of the night before. Southern Front Serbian cavalry, striking east from Ishtip, capture Kochana.

Only now, after a year of bitter experience, it is no longer hysterical. Naval U.

As though the better to have the stranger understand, he spoke slowly, selecting his words. German ace Hans von Freden, with Jasta 50, shoots down a Salmson 2. From their point of view it was an unnecessary affront. It is not as it was last October, when Paris was part of the war zone. The young American who, in the interests of the contractor, was checking off the horses, [Pg 12] refused to be shocked.

For the fallen by charnwood arts - issuu

Sainsere, the personal secretary of the President, and without further ceremony M. Doctor Charles W. He protested eloquently. They have sent doctors, nurses, and volunteers to drive the ambulances to carry the wounded. Victory 10 for Thompson; 4 for Tyrrell.

Byzantine military: june

A year ago we were almost one of the Allies, much more popular than Italians, more sympathetic than the English. We were very good customers. There are so [Pg 10] many wounded. It was strange that the first persons we should see since we left the wharf at the foot of Fifteenth Street, North River, the first we should see in France, should not be French loval, but German soldiers. In Paris we spent, some of us spent, millions on jewels and clothes.

They were for the French artillery and cavalry, but they were so glad to be free of the ship that their future state did not distress them. Nor their little round caps, high boots, and field uniforms of gray-green.

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