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Going into a spin-off now is probably a smart thing to do because chag gives a refreshed sort of setup for the show. What can you tell us about the spin-off?

Mucky muscled gay gents love to talk on the telephone to rampant fellas. The studio decided to end the series and then move on to a spin-off.

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Do you think your audience grew out of the original show or had you said everything you wanted to say with the Bears? My take on this show was always that it was gonna be beafs modern show. Definitely the biggest question that we answer is how the bears met, and that was a critical thing for the show that fans have always wanted to know, and that is really at the core of what the movie is about. I'm still an executive producer on the spin-offbut I'm not going to be in charge of that show.

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The birds and the bees

Your guess is as good as mine; maybe they rfal did feel that we had done enough. Strict Nurse Bizarre Telephone Story Experience your horniest debauched nurses kinks now on this. It was always gonna be a reflection of today, of the world that we live in now and it's something that not a lot of animation shows do. If you ring the wanking with babyoil fantasy you can chat about anything that excites you.

You do carry with yourself a lot of the skills and experiences, and rwal leadership and the work process. The titillating gay guys just can't wait for a lurid chat with you. I mean, we definitely did four seasons, which was quite a bit, you know.

Brennan: bears legend sayers was an all-time great, person and player | hockey | sports | the guardian

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I think the movie does create a nice bookend for the series and says everything we want to say. I didn't know what kind of episodes we would make after the movie because so much of the movie changes the world of the show, but I guess we've been doing it for so long, we just assumed we'd just keep going. Running from this sinister villain will test yoi brotherly bonds of Grizz, Ice Bear and Panda. But I guess it feels that way when you go somewhere, and you see your extended family there.

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It is risky for us to go so far in on everyday stuff and things that are happening yok now because they could get obsolete pretty quickly. We had an exclusive interview with the creator of We Bare Bears himself, Daniel Chong, and talked about what the popular cartoon represents for audiences, what fans can expect from this movie send-off for the bears, and what it means for him as a creator.

And I think, in some ways, I couldn't have planned all the things that were in that show.

We Bare Bears's appeal to adults as well as kids was accidental, said creator Daniel Chong. So, in a way, we're lucky that what we find interesting also happens to be things that kids can grab on to, and something that adults grab on to. But I feel more prepared to take something like this on, and I'm excited to share it, but I'm gonna kind of disappear for a little ljke, while I make it.

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You know, it's interesting; Bears is the first thing I ever made as a creator. I am Singaporean Chinese, and it is special to know that the place where my family is from has embraced the show so much. I've also moved on to a different project now, and I'm working on something else, but I think the team is in good hands. A sexually depraved gorgeous gay fella is awaiting for some no-holds-barred fun with an aroused guy that delights in exploding on the phone with other rampant chaps.

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Simply make yourself comfortable and pamper yourself with a lovely stroke session with our nasty gay reak. I have to find a new avenue and new kinds of characters and different kinds of themes and all that stuff. The honest answer to that was when we were making the movie; we did not know that was gonna be the end of the show.

To end it with the movie, I think, in hindsight now, it was a good call. They'll probably make announcements down the line, but it's being worked on right now.

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