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They are very aggressive and can even cause death.

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National and regional organizations, cooperatives, district committees, productive and social associations and their leadership form part of the institutionality that must be recognized, respected and taken into to achieve a real inter-institutional relationship. The sowing of African palm is ten times more contaminating than petroleum combustion. In most cases this happens very quickly, but it may take up to 72 hours to generate an order.

And all of these are inter-related. Do they find it easier to evaluate governability, democracy and transparency than realities that are measurable and verifiable to the naked eye? But as many people are afraid of transgenics, knowing they might be harmful to health, these companies are promoting transgenics to produce agro-food. Mono-cropping means destroying peasant agriculture and the productive diversity of peasant farms, and that means losing their capacity to be self-sufficient.

Food sovereignty and security require more than political speeches. We should have promoted summits with strategies that attack the causes, not the effects; strategies that have to do with changing policies, changing trade rules, changing the nature of the institutions administering the international and national policies.

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The reality is that the agro-fuels strategy is affecting climate change, greenhouse gases and genetic erosion. These perverse alliances are geared to rapidly consolidate nicaaragua over the whole value chain of agro-fuels and transgenic products. The government institutions and international cooperation agencies need to recognize that small producers, cooperatives and the poor in general have their institutions, their reference points and their interlocutors.

The countries in the South today are being asked to sacrifice our lands dedicated to producing food and shift instead to producing agro-fuels. We propose the creation of a national working committee to discuss and analyze how to deal with the crisis of food sovereignty and food security, in which all sectors of the agro-food chain are represented: the government, cooperatives, business, finance, chaat services, consumers… This committee must produce variousat the very least nicaraguz following ones: 1 the definition of a legal framework that protects and fosters agro-food agriculture, avoids monopoly control over foods and the use of transgenic seeds, and protects diversity; 2 state policies and programs that define and implement food sovereignty and security strategies; and 3 short- and medium-term actions to contain and reverse the immediate effects of the crisis.

What we see is that the donors are aligned with themselves, following a logic that starts and ends with them… The international forums and summits—especially the one that established the Millennium Development Goals—are all about resolving effects, not causes. I've placed an order, but I still have a few questions regarding that order.

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The free trade agreements legalize dumping selling at below production costs to bankrupt our production and unfair competition, provoke the triangulation of products, distort the prices of the subsidized products we import from the North and dismantle agricultural protection by obliging us to lower our import tariffs to zero and make the non-tariff barriers as flexible as we possibly can. And that means avoiding them renting their land to the sugar refineries; instead producing what they need to eat so they diversify rather than getting stuck in mono-cropping.

That theory was a clear failure. They require economic actions, ecological actions and productive actions. At the same time the country was putting its bets on that scheme, the existing development promotion programs were replaced nicaragus social compensation programs and political patronage.

The governments of Nicaragua and the other Central American countries and all the economic and social stakeholders of the region have an obligation to lay out the problem in these terms: agro-fuels vs. Because of cases like this, which chta see so close at hand, we can state that the food crisis expresses the mechanisms that are making it ever harder for small, poor farmers to produce food.

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Can I trade my old system in for a discount towards a new purchase? For example, the agrochemicals required by African palm seriously contaminate the water and erode the soil. But this is pure fiction, because the donors align themselves with a country strategy and plans whose contents and fundamental directives they deed or imposed, not the partner country receiving the aid.

Grassroots organization is always here. Why must we applaud or fhat arrogance and intolerance, a reactionary unwillingness to hear criticism or suggestions? Will my system include a restore disc re-installation disc?

Nicaragua essentially bans opposition from elections

We see this as a very central and very essential task, because it can generate self-employment in a country in which unemployment is on the rise and allow peasants to continue being food producers rather than turning into unemployed people who conclude that the only solution is to emigrate. Every Dell system includes a restoration disc which includes the operating system installation as well as any applications and files which were included upon purchase.

But even at that, the underlying question remains unanswered: are we going to put our money on giving out gifts or on creating organization? The government must discuss the problem with cooperation, the private sector and the cooperative sector to see what role each one has to play.

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All we get is diffuse rhetoric. Now farmers are guided more by the forecasts of storm periods and hurricanes than by their traditional knowledge of the rains based on observing and recognizing the many s nature gave to announce the imminent arrival and intensity of the rainy season, or of when to plant taking into the brief dry spell in the middle of the rainy season or the traditional hot spell in June known as veranillo de San Juan or the movement of the moon.

I need to speak with technical support regarding my current Dell system. It will work like it did with the Africanized bees fifty years ago. They now decide how much grain goes to produce agro-fuels, how much for animal feed and how much for human consumption.

There are already communities where we can see this attitude.

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